Dates & Workshops

Natal Hypnotherapy Antenatal classes are designed as a complete course. You do not need to attend any other Antenatal classes in addition, unless you would like to. The full Natalhypnotherapy course of 10 hours can be divided into 3 sessions. Each session is £50.00 per couple, totalling £150.00. Books /workbooks/cds/downloads not included in price.

Group classes are designed for you and your birth partner.
The groups are small, consisting of 2 to 4 couples.
One to one private sessions may be available in your own home if you prefer.

Please use the ‘contact me’ page to find a session that works for you.

Sessions run on Fridays between 7pm and 10pm

Bicknacre Memorial Village Hall, Bicknacre Road, Bicknacre, Chelmsford, CM3 4ES